Positive Change Agents

Humanity is our lens and innovation commercialization our expertise 

Innovators, Explorers & Designers

The CHOPRAJ Group provides capital investment and strategic advisory services to young and mature companies. Incubating novel technologies and positioning innovation for sustainable growth at various stages of development. Our portfolio of companies span tech, education and health sectors, across geographic markets, focused on advances that enable smart and personalized solutions. 

Skills Include:

  • Innovating
  • Financing
  • Commercializing
  • Strategic planning
  • Engaging
  • Scaling

The CHOPRAJ Group  
Accelerating innovation sustainably


Spark innovation and ignite the process to make positive change.


Building products and services globally that effect our lives.


Advance with empathy and with courage.


Mindfulness of the impact of change to design and deliver a future that is sustainable..